South Logan County 4–H Club participates in Random Acts of Kindness Month

South Logan County 4–H Club participates in Random Acts of Kindness Month

This article was written by 11-year-old Audrey Allen, who is the South Logan County 4–H Club reporter.


Bullying is a big deal. It can ruin someone’s life whether it is by using words or actions. But, there are ways you can help to stop bullying.

February is the random acts of kindness month and to celebrate the South Logan County 4–H Club made 42 total trays of cookies to pass out. We gave them to people who would least expect it like a fast food employee, grocery store clerk, librarian, a lunch lady etc.

If you don’t want to make cookies you can do lots of different things for this occasion like leave a nice note in your library book before you return it or slip a kind note threw the holes of a locker. You can also give someone a piece of candy or give them compliments, anything that would make you happy.

Me and my 4–H friend Delphia went around giving trays of cookies to those who would appreciate it. First, we gave a tray of cookies to JoVona Green and Alan Jennings and the people running the County Livestock Show. Next, we gave a tray to Cynthia Klumpp at the Extension Office, and then we gave the Guthrie News Page’s Chris Evans a tray for uploading my last article to the Guthrie News Page.

Please join this fight against bullying today and make a difference in someone’s life by being kind. Nobody likes a bully. Put someone else in your shoes and remember to be kind.

Pictured above is:

Front row (L-R) Jackson Yadon, Ryan Mostrom, Luke Allen, Zander Hornbuckle and Riley Howell.

Middle row (L-R) Jackson Mostrom, Austin White, Bella White, Delphia Howell, and Brooke Morgan.

Back row (L-R) Savannah House, Marion Stewart, Audrey Allen, Gena White, and Destiny Clevenger.

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