Video: GUES receives $7,000 donation from Sonic East

Video: GUES receives $7,000 donation from Sonic East

Manager Brian Billings and his Sonic franchise, located at I-35 and Highway 33, gave their most recent generous donation to Guthrie Public Schools. This year benefiting from the gift is Guthrie Upper Elementary School.


Billings made the presentation on Monday evening’s Board of Education meeting to GUES Principal Susan Davidson.

Billings has been donating $7,000 to the school district since 2007 topping nearly $80,000. Prior to 2013, Sonic donated $1,000 to each of the seven schools. Instead of spreading out the donation, Billings wanted to make a bigger impact for each school and through a random drawing selects a school so that “everyone gets a little bit piece of the pie.”

“A bunch of little prizes are nice, but one big prize is great. They (schools) all need so much,” Billings said.

In addition, Sonic proudly sponsors Guthrie High School athletics with radio and internet broadcasts.

Billings says these type of donations are not common for his franchise, but is grateful Sonic allows it to happen.

“It’s not common. It’s very fortunate that we are able to do this and are very excited that we can do it,” Billings said.

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