Governor signs bill barring sex offenders from living near their victims

Governor signs bill barring sex offenders from living near their victims

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today signed a bill that helps protect victims from their sex offenders.


Fallin signed House Bill (HB) 1124, which prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet and loitering within 1,000 feet from their victims’ homes.  Under current Oklahoma law, sex offenders are banned from living near places like schools and playgrounds, but it does not apply to a sex offender living near his or her adult victim.

The measure passed unanimously in both chambers: 92-0 in the House of Representatives and 44-0 in the Senate.

HB 1124, named the “Justice for Danyelle Act of 2018,”  takes effect Nov. 1. It is named after Danyelle Dyer, of Bristow, whose attacker moved next door to her last year.

Rep. Kyle Hilbert and Sen. James Leewright filed the legislation. In the meantime, Dyer and her family went to court and obtained a protective order, and the offender was ordered to move.

“Victims shouldn’t have to worry about their sex offenders moving in next door,” said Fallin. “I appreciate Representative Hilbert and Senator Leewright for responding quickly to this situation and coming up with a logical solution to this issue. If we have laws keeping sex offenders from parks and day care centers, it’s common sense that they shouldn’t be allowed near their victims.”

“I am incredibly proud of the courage Danyelle Dyer showed to bring this issue to light,” said Hilbert. “Thanks to her advocacy, no victims in Oklahoma will ever endure what her and her family went through ever again. Thank you Governor Fallin for signing HB 1124 and standing up for the rights of victims across the state.”

“Through her bravery to come forward, Danyelle helped bring this dangerous loophole to our attention as well as other states that also haven’t addressed this needed zone of safety,” said Leewright. “Her advocacy will help protect others from continuing to be victimized emotionally on a daily basis knowing their attacker is so close.”

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