Gregory “Heady” Coleman announces for Senate District 20

Gregory “Heady” Coleman announces for Senate District 20

Guthrie business leader and local pastor Gregory “Heady” Coleman announced his candidacy for Oklahoma State Senate District 20 today.


Heady, an Oklahoma Native, seeks to push for common sense-solutions to Oklahoma’s biggest issues.

He will be running as a Democrat.

“I believe that Oklahoma needs to take a ‘family first’ approach in how we govern,” said Coleman. “Oklahoma needs to make great strides in creating policies and standards that encourage families to become more involved in the education of our children, increasing educational quality and job-preparation among our students and ensure our education system is properly spending money on classroom resources and teachers. Families also need more representation at the Capitol that will champion bringing quality jobs to not just the metro areas, but small-town Oklahoma. With the support of voters, my family and the grace of God, I am ready to do the heavy lifting to keep Oklahoma going on the path of success.”

Coleman, the current pastor of NORTH.CHURCH Guthrie, was the first African-American CEO of the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and presently works as a consultant and life coach specializing in business and organization development to those who are starting new businesses across the state.

Coleman says his love for public schools is shown by his involvement in mentoring programs at the Guthrie High School and Guthrie Upper Elementary, and his founding of the We Tell Stories program in Oklahoma City that ran for almost a decade and promoted reading and the power of people telling their story to grow community.

For more information click Coleman’s website at HeadyForSenate.Com

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