Logan County firefighters assist with large grass fires in Oklahoma

Logan County firefighters assist with large grass fires in Oklahoma

It’s no secret, Logan County fire departments are battle tested and know what they are doing when it comes to wildfires. The Logan County Task Force returned home Saturday from western Oklahoma after hours of fighting large grass fires.


Logan County firefighters from Orlando, Guthrie, Deer Creek, Oak Cliff and Sooner left early Friday morning (6:30 a.m.) and worked throughout the day, night and morning. Crescent and Twin Lakes fire crews joined the task force shortly later.

“I am a little biased but we have the best task force in the state,” Emergency Manager David Ball said. “We’re so lucky to have Eric Harlow (Guthrie Fire Chief) as a Task Force Leader.”

The task force first traveled to Mooreland, Okla. and assisted with the 34 Complex fire in Woodward County for nearly 12 hours.

Next, firefighters took on the Rhea Fire near the town of Oakwood in Dewey County. After arriving at 9 p.m., firefighters left for home at 11 a.m. Saturday.

At last estimates some 60,000 acres have burned in Woodward County and over 240,000 acres in Dewey County.

In total, 14 local firefighters made the trip along with Ball.

“Everyone was so appreciative up there,” Ball said. “They (western Oklahoma fire departments) have assisted us here with some of our fires.”

Ball said firefighters endured temperatures in the 30’s and winds gusting over 40 m.p.h.



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