Sharpton to run for District 1 County Commissioner

Sharpton to run for District 1 County Commissioner

Former Logan County Commissioner Mark Sharpton says he is ready to return to public office.Sharpton filed for the District 1 office on Friday.


“During my 12 years as Commissioner the phone was answered, the calls returned and work orders responded to,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton, a Republican, joins current commissioner Marven Goodman and Dan Simmons for the June 26 primary election.

In June 2014, Goodman received 46 additional votes (958 – 912) than Sharpton to take the office over in 2015.

“I didn’t lose the last election because I did a bad job,” Sharpton said in a release.

“During the last election I was going through a very unexpected divorce. I did not get out and campaign. I tried but it was just too emotional at the time.”

Sharpton says during his time in office he implemented all year mowing and tree trimming, had a pothole crew out constantly and paved more roads than any commissioner in Logan County history.

“The people that called while I was commissioner normally did not have to wait very long to get their concerns attended to. I worked with all of the transportation partners in a professional manner,” Sharpton added.

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