Teacher walkout continues; Guthrie Schools to close on Thursday

Teacher walkout continues; Guthrie Schools to close on Thursday

Guthrie Public Schools announced they will not hold classes on Thursday, April 12 as teachers continue to hold out for education funding.


This marks the ninth day the school district has been forced to cancel classes.

“This closure is needed due to the number of teachers indicating they will be absent far exceeding the number of substitute teachers available,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said.

The district says they will consider the ability to staff teacher absences on a day by day basis.

At Monday night’s regular scheduled meeting, teachers, parents, students and school board members discussed the walkout. Related articleVideo: Teachers, parents discuss the teacher work-stoppage at school board meeting

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced the extension of the Oklahoma School Testing Program schedule, which began April 2. Related articleOSDE extends testing window to give students opportunity for best performance

Boxes and boxes of food arrived in Guthrie to help students with meals as teachers continue to rally for public education. Guthrie Public Schools also continues food services for students. Related articleTeacher walkout food distribution for those in need of food

One Response to "Teacher walkout continues; Guthrie Schools to close on Thursday"

  1. Callie Kerr   April 11, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    A friend sent this to me,from another friends post! PREACH IT SISTER! AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN

    A word problem from a registered Republican.

    The governor of Oklahoma promised $50 million dollars to schools, and told them they were ungrateful “teenagers” for protesting and asking for $200 million.

    THEN she cut the $50 Million.

    Yet, said she was signing bills for teachers that would be earmarked for schools. (Humble brag)….YET…..those bills totaled 20 million and 20.2 million, respectively.

    So, according to MY education…

    OKLAHOMA schools just lost 9.8 million dollars today on day 8 of this walk out.

    “It is estimated to replace the revenue…”.

    But that’s 9.8 MILLION!!!!!! There are not enough box tops in the WORLD to replace that amount.

    They are estimating by almost 10 million dollars!!! That must be what got us into the giant mess in the first place!!!

    That is NOT the math I was hoping for.

    And honestly, I just feel so confused as to how this could happen? Are their more bills to come to make up for the estimation???

    I’m so proud of our teachers and I’m so sorry you are not being heard. Things are going to change! We elect these people, and they are accountable to the citizens of Oklahoma.

    And until things change, we will continue to provide ink and paper and books and boxtops and on and on for our kids.

    I’m so MAD about this and hoping that I misunderstood ….I’ve never been very good at math. But, I have a sick feeling that this kind of fuzzy math is regularly used at the capitol.

    Sad. Mad. Mama Bear. I desperately HATE politics.
    Joanna Parker Wilcox


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