Video: Caitlyn Cox, Madilynn Myers named GPS students of the month

Pictured is Blake Wimsey, Caitlyn Cox, Madilynn Myers and Mechelle Helmberger.

Video: Caitlyn Cox, Madilynn Myers named GPS students of the month

It was a two-for-one special this month with two Guthrie students being named the Foundation Insurance Students of the Month for the month of April.


Blake Wimsey with Foundation Insurance introduced first grade students Caitlyn Cox and Madilynn Myers at the Board of Education meeting earlier this month.

Caitlyn was nominated by her teacher Jan Williams and Myers by her teacher Mechelle Helmberger.

Mrs. Williams says Caitlyn is a “super sweet’ girl and is very caring.

She says during a Martin Luther King Jr. lesson, Caitlyn had tears in her eyes because she was sad about his story.

“Caitlyn is a prime example of what a compassionate and caring person should look like,” Mrs. Williams said.

Mrs. Helmberger says despite Madilynn only being 7-years-old, she demonstrates compassion, patience and responsibility way beyond her age.

“Her greatest strength is compassion for students with special needs,” Mrs. Helmberger said.

Madilynn not only assists a special needs student with daily routines, but she makes sure that the student is always included ; especially on the playground and learning centers.

Although there are no specific grade requirements, the student(s) must be in good-standing in the classroom to be eligible. Overall, the district says they are searching for students who go above and beyond in the way they treat their peers and teachers.

Wimsey congratulated Caitlyn and Madilynn and presented them with a $65 gift certificate to Stacy’s Place.

“Be sure mom and dad get you dessert,” Wimsey said with a smile.

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