3 juveniles in custody following overnight break in at Guthrie High School

3 juveniles in custody following overnight break in at Guthrie High School

The Guthrie Police Department have arrested three juveniles after Guthrie High School was broken into overnight. Police also arrested three adults during their investigation on separate charges.Shortly after 6 a.m. on Wednesday, a custodian at Guthrie High School reported for work and noticed broken glass near the counseling office and notified the Guthrie Police Department.


The three juveniles (all males) somehow made their way into the building and spent over an hour inside.

Once inside, the juveniles, which are not current students, broke numerous windows near door handles and went through several classrooms and offices.

An exact cost of the damage was not immediately known.

The juveniles were caught on camera carrying backpacks with their faces partially covered up, but school resource officers and school staff were able to identify the suspects by their walk and body type.

It was not exactly known how much money or equipment was taken, but Guthrie Police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs says the school was conducting an inventory and will have a better idea on Thursday morning.

“We are pretty confident we got most everything,” Gibbs said.

With the quick police work, the juveniles were taken into custody by noon.

Along with video evidence, investigators were able to pull shoe prints throughout the building.

During the investigation, the mother of one of the juveniles was arrested for possession of stolen property, conspiracy and drug paraphernalia.

Two other adults (a sister and her boyfriend) were transported to jail from a separate residence where one of the juvenile was known to stay. They were booked on possession with intent to distribute and child neglect.

Once the high school was cleared by police of any possible intruders, students were allowed in the cafeteria for breakfast and later moved to the gymnasium.

Classes were back in session just before 9 a.m.

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