Lightning bolt strikes Guthrie home

Lightning bolt strikes Guthrie home

It was an early wake up call unlike any other for a Guthrie couple Thursday morning after lightning struck their home.


At around 3 a.m., a husband and wife suddenly jumped out of bed when they first thought some sort of explosion occurred in their home in the 600 block of E. Warner.

Turns out the explosion type feeling was a lightning bolt hitting the west side of their home. Moments later, the homeowners found smoke and flames in the attic.

The lightning strike was so intense that several residents within blocks were also awaken and took to social media posting about the incredible sound.

The Guthrie Fire Department, who requested Oak Cliff and Woodcrest fire departments for assistance, were able to keep the flames to the attic, but the home suffered interior damage, including water damage.

Firefighters were on the scene for approximately two hours.

There were no injuries reported at the scene.

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