Mercy Clinic provides 400 free physicals for GHS student-athletes

Incoming 8th grade student Jalen Chelf got his physical and a photo-op with his mother Jacquelyn Chelf.

Mercy Clinic provides 400 free physicals for GHS student-athletes

The Guthrie Mercy Clinic provided 400 physicals on Thursday for Guthrie high school and junior high athletes for the upcoming sports season.


Guthrie Athletic Director Jon Chappell says students were provided transportation from the schools to the clinic throughout the day.

Chappell says it was a team effort to organize the event.

“I know she does not want any credit, but Rose Gathers is incredible,” Chappell said of Gathers who helped organize a big part of the event.

Chappell says the secretarial staff at the high school and junior high deserve a lot of praise along with athletic secretary Evelynn Lynn, head trainer Chandra Dyer and Dr. Jignesh Veragiwala (Dr. V).

“Dr. V is as good as it gets,” Chappell said.

A spokesperson for the clinic said they would like to thank all the Mercy providers, Meridian Technology Center students, Jon Chappell, bus drivers and the Division staff for making this an “overwhelming success.”

“It is an honor to give back to our community,” the representative said.

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