Overnight storms wreak havoc throughout city, county

Overnight storms wreak havoc throughout city, county

It was a bumpy night for many residents in Guthrie and throughout Logan County after thunderstorms brought heavy rains, winds and lightning.


The storms rolled into the county shortly before 2 a.m. dumping nearly two inches of rain in two hours.

According to the Mesonet, Guthrie received the highest amount of rain in the state with an official reading of 1.87 inches. However, several rain gauges collected over two inches.

With the much-needed rainfall, winds and lightning proved to be the nuisance for many.

Just before 3 a.m., a home in the 600 block of E. Warner was hit by a lightning strike and started a fire in the attic. The home was not destroyed, but received significant damage inside. Related articleLightning bolt strikes Guthrie home

Along with the highest amount of rainfall, the county saw the highest recorded wind gusts in the state as they reached nearly 60 mph.

With wind gusts reaching 58 and 59 mph, many trees were found snapped and into roadways, brought down power lines, threw hay bales into roads and tossed aside lawn furniture and trampolines.

City and county workers were called in to help remove the debris from the roads.

Just after 2 a.m., OG&E reported over 500 customers in the Guthrie area had lost power.

There were no injuries reported by the Guthrie Fire Department.

The chance for rain will go away for the rest of the week as temperatures will reach near 100 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

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