Candidate drops out of District 31 race; endorses primary opponent  

Candidate drops out of District 31 race; endorses primary opponent  

Due to family concerns, a candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives is dropping out of the race for District 31.


Through a Facebook Live video on Sunday afternoon, Angela Moffitt-Jones told her viewers “things at home have become complicated for me.”

“This is really, really hard for me,” Moffitt-Jones said in the video.

“This is not what I wanted. I really wanted to represent District 31, but things at home have become complicated for me.”

Moffitt-Jones, a teacher at Guthrie High School, said after nearly 15 years she and her husband have separated at the current time.

“It’s been very hard for my family. With the separation, my children (ages 16 and 14) and I have sat down and come to the decision that I just can’t put my whole heart into this election anymore.”

She continued, “I’m asking for everyone to support me and my family’s decision that I need to stay at home with my children and to fix things with my family.”

Despite withdrawing from the race, her name will remain on the June 26 Democratic primary ballot along with Kara Sawyer.

“I sat down yesterday and had a long conversation with Kara Sawyer. I think Kara and I are going to walk away from this really good friends. She has a big heart and she really cares. I would like to throw my support to her.”

Sawyer, who shared the live video, says she has the utmost respect for Moffitt-Jones.

“I ask that each of you respect her decision and join me in being a community of support when one of our own needs it most,” Sawyer said. “Thank you Angela for the incredible challenge you have given thus far and for your continued support of me as I continue on our behalf as teachers, women, advocates and most important members of this great community!”

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