Council approves 5th Street bridge repairs

Council approves 5th Street bridge repairs

After being heavily damaged earlier this year by a construction company, the Guthrie city council last week approved to begin repairing the 5th Street bridge.


On January 30 the 5th Street Bridge received structural damage due to overloading.

Manhattan Road and Bridge Co. – based out of Tulsa – attempted to move a crane across the 5th Street bridge as they construct the new Highway 33 bridge and roadway, but came to a halt on the north side as it sunk into the bridge. Once the crane was removed it left an obvious indention of approximately 40 feet long.

A support beam was reported to have totally failed and a second beam has separation of approximately two inches on the bridge that was built in the mid 1960’s.

Two field investigations have been performed on the bridge and City officials have requested Manhattan to have a firm other than themselves perform construction inspection to go along with having a third firm provide the City with a final inspection report after all construction has been completed prior to allowing any traffic flow back on the bridge.

Manhattan officials say it will take approximately four weeks for supplies to come in and another two weeks to complete the repair.

The bridge is expected to easily be repaired before the completion of the Highway 33 project.

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