Sooner fire truck crashes into cable barriers on I-35

Sooner fire truck crashes into cable barriers on I-35

A local fire department had a scare of their own Sunday evening on I-35 after experiencing a tire blow out.


The Sooner Fire Department’s Engine 38 was travelling back to their station, after assisting the Guthrie Fire Department with a downtown building fire, when the tire blew and forcing the truck through the cable barrier. Related articleDowntown building damaged by fire

“The engine crossed into the median cable barriers and came to a stop. Our Captain (Michael) Creek was behind the wheel and was able to keep the engine upright.” the department reported.

“Thankfully, no one was injured, just shook up.”

Five members were on board at the time of the accident.

The department says they believe the engine may be a total loss, but are awaiting official word.

“We would like to thank our neighboring departments for the outpouring of support you’ve shown, willing to step up and help us if needed. Rest assured, we still have working trucks in case our area needs us.”

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