Mize, Hall and Thomas win primaries; Goodman, Sharpton headed to a runoff

Mize, Hall and Thomas win primaries; Goodman, Sharpton headed to a runoff

While most of Logan County voters will sit back and prepare for a November ballot, a few thousand voters will need to decide between candidates in an August runoff to prepare for November.


Chuck Hall, Garry Mize were the winners for the Oklahoma Legislature by earning more than half of the votes.

Click here for Tuesday night’s election results as they came in.

Hall defeated Aiya Kelley 8,264 to 4,855, or 62.99 percent of the vote in the race for State Senate (Seat 20). Hall moves to the general election and will challenge Heady Coleman, who did not draw a Democratic candidate.

Results are not official until certified by the Logan County Election Board, which is expected to be completed on Friday.

(L-R) Chuck Hall, Aiya Kelley and Heady Coleman

Mize outlasted Rod Baker and Barry Niles in the race for Republican House of Representatives District 31 by earning 51.11 percent of the vote and avoiding an August runoff.

The 41-year-old Mize collected 3,532 votes and was followed by Baker (2,060) and Niles (1,319).

Mize will face Democrat Kara Sawyer come November.

Sawyer picked up 58.12 percent of the Democrat vote despite her opponent, Angela Moffitt-Jones, dropping her campaign earlier this month due to family concerns. Even with Jones’ endorsement of Sawyer, she picked up nearly 1,300 votes.

(L-R) Rod Baker, Barry Niles, Garry Mize and Kara Sawyer

In what was a heated race for Logan and Payne County District Attorney, incumbent Laura Austin Thomas won both counties to advance to November. Thomas finished with a vote tally of 8,917, or 56.62 percent of the vote, compared to Jill Ochs-Tontz’s 6,831 votes.

Thomas will now move on to November’s ballot and will take on Democrat Cory Williams, who did not draw a primary opponent.

(L-R) Jill Ochs-Tontz, Cory Williams and Laura Austin Thomas

In other state races involving Logan County, Republican John Talley easily defeated Greg Babinec (3,226 – 1,502) in the race for House Rep. District 33. Incumbent Representative John Pfeiffer will be in a primary runoff with Brian Hobbs for District 38. Pfeiffer collected 42.55 percent of the vote, but was not enough to avoid the August ballot. The winners in August will be elected to office with no Democrats filing.

In the District 32 Democratic Representative race, Christi Wolff earned 63.21 percent of the vote and will now challenge Republican incumbent Kevin Wallace in November.

Local County Races

Two of the three county races where basically sealed in the early evening with Tisha Hampton and Monty Piearcy easily winning re-election.

Hampton will keep control of the Assessor’s Office, while Piearcy will do the same as District 3 County Commissioner.

Piearcy brought in 69.10 percent of the vote (1,458 to 652) over challenger John Myers.

Hampton had similar numbers with a winning percentage of 70.48 percent and a vote count of 5,150 to 2,157 over Judy Damron.

Marven Goodman and Mark Sharpton

The race for District 1 County Commissioner there will need a few more months to decide.

In a, once again, heavy negative campaign race, former commissioner Mark Sharpton collected 1,432 votes compared to the incumbent Marven Goodman’s 1,142, but with a percentage of 47.88 percent there will be a primary runoff.

Dan Simmons picked up 417 votes (13.94 percent) and now both candidates will look to earn those extra votes in November.

The winner of the runoff will be back in office with no Democrat filing.

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  1. TBW   June 27, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Does anyone know why registered Democrats are not able to vote for Republican candidates where there is no opposing Democratic candidate? I’m referring specifically to the County Commissioner District 1 candidates. My husband’s Democratic ballot did not include these candidates at all. So in essence, only registered Republicans are electing our County Commissioners this year? I don’t think this is at all fair.


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