Rural Water board approves water rate increases

Rural Water board approves water rate increases

The price for water will be going up for Logan County Rural Water District No. 1 customers.


Beginning with the August 2018 bills, customers will see an increase of $.001 per gallon, which was approved by the water district’s board of directors.

The current rate for 0-1,000 gallons is $14, but will be increasing to $15.

The next 1,000 gallons (2,000 gallons total) will go from $18.40 to $20.40.

If a customer uses 5,000 gallons per cycle the price goes from $31.90 to $36.90.

In March 2017, the board voted to increase water rates for the district. According to their website, the 2017 rate increase was not taken lightly and followed an independent USDA rate study and an independent audit of their water production costs.

The result was to phase in the increases over a two year period.

The district said the cost to produce the water that is distributed to their members did not cover costs.

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