Ask Dr. Anna: Cat and dogs vs bugs and bees

Ask Dr. Anna: Cat and dogs vs bugs and bees

We’ve all seen the pictures: dogs and cats with noses that look like a cartoon clown, jowls so swollen they look like tennis balls, pets that look like caricatures of themselves. But in truth, those swollen faces are no joke. Insect bites and stings can be dangerous if not fatal to pets, just like some people. But when do you worry?


First let’s talk about the most common insect bites, wasps, and bees. Most dogs stumble onto a bee at least once in their life. It would be hard not to! A dog that has his nose to the ground will quite easily disturb an unsuspecting bee in clover or a plant that may decide to retaliate with a sting. The same thing can happen with wasps, especially ground-dwelling wasps. While bees and wasp’s stings are not necessarily dangerous, some dogs and cats may be allergic to them, just like some people. These pets will most likely go into immediate distress, or anaphylactic shock, and have trouble breathing, swelling, and weakness or collapse. These symptoms can also occur when a pet has received multiple stings, or stings in and around the mouth, nose, and eyes.

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