Faver Alumni Association hosts 50 year reunion

Orville Roper receives his diploma from Supt. Dr. Mike Simpson and GHS Principal Chris LeGrande and congratulations from classmate Marvin Mack.

Faver Alumni Association hosts 50 year reunion

Faver High School closed its doors in 1967 for the Faver Pirates under the U.S. Supreme Court ruling ordering the desegregation of all public schools. The first desegregated class for Guthrie was in 1968 and many of the alumni have come back this weekend to celebrate 50 years.


The Faver High School Alumni Association is hosting a four-day reunion this weekend and on Friday morning held a program inside the Faver auditorium.

The featured speaker was Julius “Floyd” Leach and afterwards each member of the graduating class was announced to receive their 50 year diplomas. Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson and Guthrie High School (GHS) Principal Chris LeGrande presented the diplomas for those in attendance.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Strengthening the Faver Legacy and Bridging the Gap.”

Established in Guthrie for African-American students, Faver High School graduated its first class in 1906, according to historical records. It was named for Stonewall J. Faver, a county commissioner who donated the land and the building. Classes were held at the current structure from 1951 to 1967.

Guthrie High School will host the annual Homecoming ALumni Banquet on September 28 inside the GHS cafeteria.

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