Guthrie school board member announces upcoming resignation

Terry Pennington is pictured here during a 2016 school board meeting.

Guthrie school board member announces upcoming resignation

A Guthrie Public Schools board member announced during Monday night’s Board of Education meeting that he will be resigning his post.


During comments by board members, Terry Pennington said he will be resigning next month.

“September will be my last board meeting. I am resigning from the board September 10th or 11th.”

Pennington stated he is dealing with health concerns.

“I got some severe medical issues that have come up. I can no longer sit here and take pain pills. These are medical conditions I contracted in service and I can’t fight them much longer so I’m gonna (sic) have to take some other actions to deal with them,” Pennington said.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson shared his thanks for Pennington’s service to the school district.

“The first thought regarding tonight’s announcement is an offer of thanks for the passionate service Mr. Pennington has provided our district,” Simpson said in a response message to Guthrie News Page.

Simpson continued, “I can certainly appreciate his willingness to place his family first and I will keep them in my prayers.”

Pennington, who did not draw an opponent for the Ward 2 seat in 2017, was seated on the school board after a close race in 2013.

Pennington’s current term runs until 2021.

Pennington was absent during last week’s school board retreat meeting and did not sit in on Monday night’s executive session.

“This is not my last meeting. I will try and be here for one more if I can make it.”

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