Photos: Charter Oak Elementary will be ready for school on Tuesday

Photos: Charter Oak Elementary will be ready for school on Tuesday

While Charter Oak Elementary will not be a completed project when students arrive on Tuesday, the school grounds have taken shape in the past few days.


Earlier this week there were no teachers, no grass and no parking lots. On Friday, all three could be seen.

Construction on the southern Logan County school has seen its fair share of delays caused by abnormal amount of rainfall as well as a surveyor’s error. However, construction crews have been working longer days and weekends to have the school ready.

The school received a temporary certificate of occupancy from the state fire marshal and on Friday was going through final electrical inspections in portions of the building.

Teachers and construction workers filled the hallways and are expected to remain the same over the weekend.

Teachers were beginning to arrange their desks, chairs and books in their spacious, colorful, technology filled classrooms.

Workers were laying the floor in the media center (library). Across the hallway, the front office is nearing completion.

Despite the effort, the school will not be a completed project by Tuesday.

The kitchen and cafeteria still has plenty of work left and will require meals to be delivered to students in their classroom.

Construction of the playground space has not begun, but in the meantime students will be allowed to go outside on the pavement behind the school for outdoor activity.

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