Suspect charged for possession of stolen sheriff radios, hacking into public safety program

Suspect charged for possession of stolen sheriff radios, hacking into public safety program

A search warrant earlier this month inside a Guthrie home revealed several stolen sheriff’s radios and a sheriff’s jacket. The suspect has also been charged with gaining access to a first responder’s confidential program.


The search warrant was served on September 7 at 1104 S. Pine Street.

According to an affidavit, Jared Joslin was taken into custody and later admitted to investigators he was able to get inside the secure program called Geosafe.

Geosafe is used by first responders, including the Guthrie Police Department and Guthrie Fire Department, that is considered classified and protected information. The system can provide personal confidential information and is not allowed in by the general public.

Joslin told Lt. Mark Bruning he heard officers talking about the program on one of the stolen radios inside his residence.

Following a Google search, Joslin stated he downloaded the program on his laptop and cellphone, gained access and made several fake email accounts, according to the affidavit.

The probable cause does not reveal how Joslin was able to gain access inside the program.

Investigators, who were able to locate Josln’s laptop by an internet protocol (ip) address, said the Department of Public Safety (DPS) received a request from a fake City email to reactivate a police radio. The phone number on the form came back to Joslin’s phone number, who is not employed by the City.

Jared Joslin was charged with three crimes.

When asked about the form to DPS, Joslin did not want to talk on the matter, but did confirm his phone number to the investigator.

Joslin stated that he wanted to be a police officer and is why he had the radios. “I want to pull people over and go on bank robberies.”

The 19-year-old admitted he purchased the stolen radios from another person and removed the serial numbers. The serial numbers were later located in a safe with Joslin’s identification and birth certificate.

The radios, belonging to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, are believed to have been stolen from patrol units, while being worked on at a mechanic shop.

Joslin, who remains behind bars as of Wednesday morning at the Logan County Jail, was charged on September 13 with violation of Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, operating a mobile radio while in commission of a crime and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Bond has been set at $10,000.

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  2. Martin   September 19, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    Wow? This is crazy!

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