Mechanic avoids injuries after box top truck smashes into semi-truck

Mechanic avoids injuries after box top truck smashes into semi-truck

Somehow, someway there were no severe injuries on Tuesday morning on Interstate 35 after a box top truck smashed into a parked semi-truck.


Just after 10:30 a.m., emergency personnel from the Guthrie Fire Department, Logan Count Sheriff’s Office and Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) responded to a two-vehicle accident involving the trucks in the southbound lanes. The accident took place just north of Exit 153 (near John Vance Motors).

Witnesses tell Guthrie News Page the box truck was seen swerving on the road when it collided with the semi-truck parked on the shoulder while being worked on.

“We were coming around the curve (and saw) the box truck hit the semi,” Bree Moore said. (The box truck) twisted up in the air, hit the ground and slid for a good 25 feet.”

Dustin McBride saw the incident and rushed to check on the passengers.

“I jumped out the truck and ran to see if he was okay, he was conscious and moving around. I asked if he was hurting anywhere he said no and he started to climb out of the truck by that time a few other people ran over to help out.”

“He definitely had someone watching out for him.”

Both witnesses say a mechanic was under the parked semi when it was crashed into.

“Luckily nobody was hurt too bad,” McBride said.

OHP continues to investigate the crash.

Southbound traffic was backed up for some time until law enforcement officers could divert traffic off the highway and back on.

One lane was reopened at 11:33 a.m. and both lanes were opened shortly after.

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