Camera crew follows Braydin Russell for upcoming documentary

Camera crew follows Braydin Russell for upcoming documentary

Braydin Russell had an interesting Sunday and especially Monday morning. And it was all caught on camera.


Everywhere she went there was a camera crew behind her, even inside her classroom.

Braydin, the daughter of Doug and Jennifer Russell, was chosen from a nationwide search by an athletic shoe and apparel company, who set out on a nationwide hunt searching for stories of “grassroots players who are game changers.”

The St. Mary’s eighth-grade student was one of four stories chosen from thousands by the company to be featured in an up-coming documentary. 

“This was one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me,” Braydin said of the event. “It was really uncomfortable at first having the camera right there, especially in class, but eventually you get used to it.”

The camera crew arrived in Guthrie early Sunday morning and began to follow Braydin for the next two days.

The cameras were even turned on for Braydin’s early morning run.

“It was weird waking up to a boom mic and camera with five guys in my room at 4:30.” Braydin said.

When asked why her story was chosen Braydin said, “The ‘shoe company’ liked my dedication to becoming the best shooter in the nation and how I used Shottrackers technology to track my progress.”

Braydin has taken over 365,000 with the tracking device and has splashed the net with over 200,000 made shots.

Shottracker works by placing a sensor on the shooter’s wrist, on the net of the basket and through an app.

“Basically, when you shoot, the wrist senor tells the app you shot. Then when the ball goes through the net, the net sensor senses it and sends that info to the app.” Braydin said.

When asked to sum up the video shoot, Braydin said, “It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had, and I am very thankful. I owe a lot of it to Shottracker. They put my name out there.”

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