Guthrie man arrested for soliciting sexual conduct

Photo provided by the Canadian County Sheriff's Office

Guthrie man arrested for soliciting sexual conduct

Canadian County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Michael Bertrand, 37, of Guthrie, on the charges of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology.


The investigation began on November 19, 2018 when Bertrand began talking to an undercover Sheriff’s investigator using a popular social media app.

Bertrand was told by the undercover investigator that he was talking to a 14-year-old female, but he continued with the conversation anyway, according to Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

Bertrand asked the decoy if she liked older guys and if she was interested in having sex with him. Bertrand provided his phone number to the undercover deputy where he texted various sexual requests such as performing oral sex on the fourteen year old.

Bertrand eventually called the under aged girl (a female deputy) and engaged in graphic phone sex with her. During the phone sex, Bertrand asked the undercover deputy if she would perform oral sex on him, and told her how he would make sure she experienced sexual gratification too. Bertrand also asked the under aged girl how big her breasts were, as well as questions about her other private female body parts and about her sex history.

Bertrand was arrested at his residence in Guthrie with the assistance of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. Bertrand admitted he was talking sexual to the decoy and even tried to delete text messages when investigators were speaking to his mother, who he lived with.

Bertrand was transported to Canadian County Detention Facility with no bond set at this time.

Online records show an arrest warrant was issued for Bertrand on January 16.

“The fact that there seems to be a never ending deluge of child predators only serves to strengthen my commitment to this program,” West said.

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