Man arrested again for operating a police radio

Man arrested again for operating a police radio

A Guthrie man has been charged with two crimes, including a crime that planted him in the Logan County Jail this past September. The new crimes come less than five days from leaving the jail.


Following a search warrant in September, a Guthrie home revealed several stolen sheriff’s radios and a sheriff’s jacket. The suspect, Jared Joslin, was charged with gaining access to a first responder’s confidential program. Related article: Suspect charged for possession of stolen sheriff radios, hacking into public safety program

Joslin, who was bonded out of jail on Friday, was placed under arrest by the Guthrie Police Department on Tuesday.

According to court papers, Joslin, 19, reportedly called 911 on Monday evening using a fake name. The caller stated his former girlfriend had stolen some of his belongings.

After review of the recorded call by investigators, it was determined to be that of Joslin.

In the background of the recorded call, police officers could be heard talking over police radios.

Police continued their investigation at Joslin’s residence and found a handheld radio that was capable of sending and receiving radio traffic.

Along with the handheld radio, a police scanner, cell phone and a sheet of frequency numbers of multiple fire and police agencies were taken into evidence.

With the approval of a search warrant, the cell phone will be submitted to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) for further testing.

A Logan County judge set a $25,000 bond for the charges of operating a mobile radio while in commission of a crime and the false reporting of a crime.

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