Motorists share concerns on new Cottonwood Creek bridge

Motorists share concerns on new Cottonwood Creek bridge

With all four lanes opened to motorists and a bridge dedication in the books, some motorists say they still don’t feel comfortable driving on the newly built $18M SH-33 Cottonwood Creek bridge.


Motorists say the lack of signs and road markings are making the drive a guessing game when it comes to merging into lanes.

“Where’s the merge signs? Who merges,” Brandi Daw asks about when the two lanes turn into one lane for both eastbound and westbound traffic.

Both two lanes turn into one lane at 1st Street and 12th Street.

“There’s no signs, no warning,” Amanda Rae Wilson Nichols said in a response post. “Just ends into one lane.”

Currently there are no road marking or signage on the new four-lane bridge, spanning 1,600 feet from 12th St. to Division St. However, an Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) spokesperson tells Guthrie News Page those markings are coming soon.

ODOT Public Information Manager Lisa Shearer-Salim says motorists should expect to see lane markings within a week or so, weather permitting.

Along with lane markings, road signs, bridge painting, lighting, sod work along with sidewalk and driveway work remain to be completed.

Shearer-Salim says there is still three to four weeks remain before the project is fully completed.

Once completed, the new speed limit will be set at 35 mph.

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  1. Michael Manning   January 6, 2019 at 9:40 am

    If you don’t like it or feel safe, then take a different route.
    Stop ur crying you snow flakes. It’s getting old.
    Ur upset about almost everything !!


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