Ask Dr. Anna: The do’s and don’ts of CBD for pets

Ask Dr. Anna: The do’s and don’ts of CBD for pets

Were you aware that until December 20, 2018, that hemp and its by-products were still considered illegal substances? The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 removed hemp also known as cannabis and its derivatives containing less than 3% THC from the Controlled Substance Act. Veterinarians discussing or selling CBD products before the passing of this bill were putting their license on the line. Although there are many products containing CBD for Pets that have supposed health benefits for the animals, the legal issues surrounding hemp are consistently complicating matters. Due to the rising public interest in this topic, I am happy to be able to discuss CBD for pets. It is worth having a talk with you vets if you are interested in looking into cbd hemp oil for dogs, or if you are just curious about its effects and uses. This will be the first of several posts to help you stay informed about CBC for pets.


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