Lt. Governor visits Guthrie for workshop

Lt. Governor visits Guthrie for workshop

Officials with the City of Guthrie and community leaders welcomed state leaders, including Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell, last week to showcase Guthrie and what it has to offer the state.


Along with Pinnell, State Representative Garry Mize and State Senator Chuck Hall listened and interacted to a variety of topics, including tourism, film industry, the passenger rail system and arts in Guthrie.

“The lieutenant governor is going to be a fantastic salesperson for the state,” Governor Kevin Stitt said when he named Pinnell as his Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Branding. “He is a fantastic business person. He is going to be a great ambassador for tourism.

Pinnell showed a high interest in the film industry and what Guthrie has to offer with the historic downtown and Masonic Temple.

The state leaders were shown several proposed projects with parks, downtown venues and the sports complex.

Pinnell stated “it’s the perfect time” for the addition of a sports complex project when it comes to possible grant funding from the state.

City leaders help showcase the city through a presentation with retail recruitment efforts and economic development.

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