Oklahoma Department of Labor requests agency audit

Oklahoma Department of Labor requests agency audit

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Labor has requested a turnover audit from the office of the State Auditor. 


“Under the new Stitt administration there is an increased call for transparency and effective use of taxpayer dollars”, stated Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn. 

“In that vein we are requesting a financial audit of our agency to show a clean slate start and our desire to welcome the new administration’s call to small and efficient agencies with increased transparency. The Oklahoma Department of Labor has a long history of providing safety programs to both public entities and private businesses across the state to keep workplace injuries low.  We are also entrusted with the regulation of many industries in the state to keep our citizens safe.”

The requested audit will examine and review the agency’s operating accounts, financial records, as well as human resources and inventory control. 

Deputy Commissioner Jim Buck added “we have routinely requested these types of audits when a new Commissioner is elected to head our agency. We are all excited about the enthusiasm and momentum for good government under our new Governor’s administration and hope to demonstrate that with this request of the auditor’s office.”

Osborn was elected last November to fill the slot vacated by former Commissioner Melissa McLawhorn Houston.

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