City sales tax over $3M in first six months

City sales tax over $3M in first six months

The fiscal year for the City of Guthrie is half way done for 2018-19. The sales tax dollars compared to last year remain below par, but the use tax continues to look positive.


The March sales tax numbers recently released shows the City bringing in $479,044.03, which is down $63,162.13 (11.65 percent) as compared to sales tax revenue in March 2018.

For the first six months of the fiscal year, $3,114,695.03 has been collected in the tax and is 7.34 percent below last year’s record breaking year.

City officials say they are just over $300,000 below their projection.

The March 2019 use tax revenue was up $7,659.19 (23.82 percent) as compared to the tax revenue in March 2018. The March total was $108,062.32.

The total tax has brought in $309,162.34 since last October and is over 53 percent above the City’s projection.

“With the number of vacant positions at the City, the balance of our funds are satisfactory,” City Manager Leroy Alsup said. “However, the decreased manpower for an extended period of time will have a negative long term impact and make it more difficult to maintain our level of service. “

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