Column: Hail season has arrived, is your home ready?

Column: Hail season has arrived, is your home ready?

By: Blake Wimsey
Special to Guthrie News Page


Blake Wimsey operates Foundation Insurance in downtown Guthrie

With storm season officially upon us here in Oklahoma, here are some helpful tips to help get you (and your home) through the Spring.

  • Have your roof checked

Our roofs are the first line of defense against Oklahoma weather. Find a reputable roofer to inspect your roof and make sure it’s in good shape. The last thing you’d want to do is cross your fingers that your old roof makes it through one more hail season. Insurance is meant to replace roofs that are caused by sudden and accidental damage, not as a warranty for deferred maintenance. Get your roof checked!

  • Clean your gutters

Even a well-maintained roof can leak if gutters are not properly cleaned. Leaves and debris from the Fall can build up over time, so be sure to check yearly. If you are unable to clear your own gutters, call a local professional for a quote.

Blake Wimsey can be contacted at 405-293-9355 with any of your questions.
  • Be sure your home isn’t in a flood zone

Call a local insurance agent to check if your home might be a in flood zone. Flood zones can be more random than you might think. A home that just happens to be close to a creek could be included in a flood zone. Flood insurance is not covered on a homeowner’s policy, it’s typically sold by local agents through the National Flood Insurance Program.

  • Review your insurance policy with your agent

Not all roofs are covered equally. Does your policy have replacement cost or actual cash value? What is your deductible? Is decking covered? What about city ordinance? Did I lose you yet? These are all terms your insurance agent should be familiar with and willing to explain to you. If disaster does strike, you don’t want to just now be finding out what your homeowner’s policy covers. Be proactive! Home insurance in Oklahoma is expensive enough as it is, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for.

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