GPS makes slight adjustments to attendance zones

GPS makes slight adjustments to attendance zones

The Board of Education for Guthrie Public Schools voted to slightly adjust the attendance zone areas for the next school year.


Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said Cotteral Elementary is overloaded with students while Central Elementary needs additional students.

“We are trying to right size what we have at Cotteral as far as student numbers and the same thing at Central,” Simpson said at the Monday night school board meeting.

Dee Benson (director of technology) and Cody Thompson (director of operations) evaluated the zones.

“These changes will also allow us to trim some transportation costs,” Simpson added.

Although the attendance numbers for pre-k will not be known until later, the total number of current students affected by the rezoning will be approximately 22 kids.

School officials are expected to contact those affected by the change.

“We knew there would be some tweaks,” Simpson said about moving to neighborhood schools this year. “It will help families because the school will be located closer to their homes.”

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  1. margaret sanders   April 10, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    I hope the 3rd grade wont be affected much on this, my nephew goes to Cotterell and i take him and pick him most days, i live 3 blocks from there on S. 18th street.. i sure would hate to drive back and forth every day to Central…..


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