Guthrie Greenhouse supporting the Veterans Memorial

Tara Tischauser (L) owner of Guthrie Greenhouses and Inventory Manager Becky Sellers stand in front of acres of spring plants at their nursery.

Guthrie Greenhouse supporting the Veterans Memorial

Each spring the Veterans Memorial at Honor Park in Guthrie goes through a transformation as the fall and winter plants are replaces by spring and summer plantings. 


This year, as in past years, Guthrie Greenhouses has donated numerous flats of plants in order to make this transition a huge success.  

Master Gardener Steve Gentling, in charge of maintaining the Memorial, noted, “We are truly blessed that the owner of Guthrie Greenhouses, Tara Tischauser, has been such a great supporter of veterans and the Memorial for a number of years.”

Gentling added, “She and Nursery Inventory Manager, Becky Sellers,  have been so generous in providing a variety of plantings in both the spring and the fall.”

Tischauser commented, “We appreciate the opportunity to help enhance Honor Park and contribute to this very special place honoring a group of very special people, the veterans of our county.” 

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