Historical Society seeking damages from bridge construction company

Historical Society seeking damages from bridge construction company

The Logan County Historical Society (LCHS) says a construction company was negligent with their equipment during the construction of the new bridge on Highway 33 (Noble Ave).


LCHS has filed a lawsuit in Logan County against Manhattan Road & Bridge Company. They claim the company caused property damage to their parking lot.

The parking lot in question, owned by the LCHS, is east of the Santa Fe railroad tracks and south of the brand new $18M bridge constructed by Manhattan. Many have become to know the area as the grounds for the annual 89’er carnival.

According to the petition, signed by Edmond attorney Chris Harper, Manhattan did not seek permission to use the parking lot for their equipment, or to park vehicles.

LCHS says the parking lot is not made for trucks and heavy equipment. As a result, the lot has suffered significant damages and needs to be repaired. LCHS adds that guests to the parking lot have also suffered damages due to the pavement being torn up.

LCHS is seeking $85,000 in damages plus attorney fees and court costs.

In the petition, LCHS says they took the matter to Manhattan but was denied.

The suit was filed in court on May 22.

In January 2018, Manhattan made repairs to the 5th Street bridge after a crane made significant damage to the bridge. Related article: 5th Street bridge reopens

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  1. Alston Ingram   June 4, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    The huge BUMP in the road, a big swell, also needs to be replaced by the road builder. Drive carefully over it going west; you will flip at 35 MPH.


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