Hit The Bricks with Guthrie YMCA’s Lindsey Tye

Hit The Bricks with Guthrie YMCA’s Lindsey Tye

LindseyJustin and Chris chat about the Strong Town competition, the recent school bond election, the Guthrie YMCA, odd Oklahoma school mascots, and the interesting characters you meet on trains. 


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Hit The Bricks is hosted with the duo of Justin Fortney and Chris Evans and produced by Aaron Ryburn. Justin is the World’s Best Tourism Director of the Most Awesome Town on the Planet, while Chris brings the fun.

The show, which talks about “Everything interesting about Guthrie, Oklahoma” is produced by the City of Guthrie in partnership with Guthrie News Page.

All of the shows are also available on podcast and can be found wherever you find your favorite podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Anchor to name a few.

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