Man left with gun shot wound following alleged break in

Man left with gun shot wound following alleged break in

A man was taken to a Oklahoma City hospital early Monday morning with a gun shot wound. The victim says he was shot by an intruder.


Logan County Sheriff deputies and Guthrie EMS responded to the 14000 block of Tumbleweed Trail near Waterloo Road and Douglas Blvd. just after 5 a.m.

The victim says a burglar came into the home and shot him in the leg. The victim or the witness in the home were unable to give a description of the burglar or the location of travel.

The first deputy to arrive applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg until EMS could arrive.

EMS transported the victim to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He has been released from the hospital and is speaking with investigators.

The Sheriff’s Office say they are looking into whether the shooting had been accidental. However, they do say there is some possible evidence pointing toward a break in.

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