Roads closing due to flood potential; fairgrounds closed

Roads closing due to flood potential; fairgrounds closed

With the most recent rains to go with previous rains, road closures are being reported throughout Logan County with the potential of flood waters.


With the latest readings, the Cottonwood Creek at Guthrie is predicted to crest late this evening at 21.70 feet. Flood stage is 22 feet.

The Cottonwood Creek at Broadway last measured at 27.78 feet and is expected to crest at 28 feet with the latest calculations. Flood stage is 30 feet at the location.

The Cimarron River (north of Guthrie) measured at 15.15 feet at 10:30 a.m. on Monday. Flood stage is 18 feet.

All flooding numbers are subject to change with each reading.

City streets may close some of the side streets in the flood plain, including those in Cottonwood Flats, 5th St under the new bridge and possibly near Mineral Wells Park.

The following roads are being closed due to potential flooding.

Waterloo east of SH 74

Charter Oak between May and Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania between Forrest Hills and Charter Oak

SH-74 going east to the railroad tracks at Seward Road on Seward Road

Waterloo Road between Westminster and Post has been opened.

The Logan County Fairgrounds has been closed for repairs due to flood damage.  It is unknown how long this closure will last.

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