Logan County filings July 15, 2019

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for July 15, 2019.


Civil relief more than $10,000 (CJ)

CJ-2019-154 Tinker Federal Credit Union v.John L Yost and Kimberly D Yost
CJ-2019-155 Discover Bank v. Matthew Albright
CJ-2019-156 National Bank Of Omaha v. Michael Witte
CJ-2019-157 American Express National Bank v. Coy Smith
CJ-2019-158 21st Mortgage Corporation v. Jason Harbin and Bobbie Harbin; et al

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

CM-2019-425 State of Oklahoma v. Welch, Billy Lee

Civil relief less than $10,000 (CS)

CS-2019-238 Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. v. Tracey, Aaron
CS-2019-239 Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC v. Pressgrove, Sarah A
CS-2019-240 Cavalry SPV I, LLC v. Barlow, Timothy Blake
CS-2019-241 Cavalry SPV I, LLC v. Saranga, Mark Anthony

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2019-125 In re the Marriage of: Williams, Richard D and Williams, Kristi D

Paternity (FP)

FP-2019-41 Dolan, Joseph v. Baker, Kerri

Probate (PB)

PB-2019-44 In Re: The Estate of Weldon K Taylor, deceased
PB-2019-45 In the Matter of the Estate of Robert Lee Stanbrought, deceased

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2019-84 Latasha Dominique Dumas-Nash vs Frederick Jerome Nash
PO-2019-85 Deborah Ann Speight-Jordan, v. Frederick Jerome Nash,

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2019-312 John Terry Legrand v. Austin Jackson Legrand

Traffic (TR)

TR-2019-1068 State of Oklahoma v. Bryant, Robert Leon
TR-2019-1069 State of Oklahoma v. Heird, Payton Bailey
TR-2019-1070 State of Oklahoma v. Jones, Paige
TR-2019-1071 State of Oklahoma v. Edmondson, James
TR-2019-1072 State of Oklahoma v. West, Parker Leanne
TR-2019-1073 State of Oklahoma v. Evans, William David Sr
TR-2019-1074 State of Oklahoma v. Evans, William David Sr
TR-2019-1075 State of Oklahoma v. Carrillo, Susan
TR-2019-1076 State of Oklahoma v. Grantz, Fred Dawayne
TR-2019-1077 State of Oklahoma v. Striplin, Cheyenne
TR-2019-1078 State of Oklahoma v. Ingram, Adam Daniel

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