City of Guthrie awarded grant for water line work

City of Guthrie awarded grant for water line work

Every bit counts. The City of Guthrie was notified this week they will be receiving some assistance in replacing some of the city’s older water lines.


The City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) request was approved for the construction on of the lines. The funding amount of $224,999 was approved.

The City must match $375,001 for a total project cost of $599,999.

The total construction estimate is at $510,300 along with $65,700 in engineering costs and $24,000 in grant administration fees.

Some of the improvements include:

Water Main Replacement Along US 77 Over Bird Creek ($82,450)

Water Main Replacement Along College from 14th Street to 11th Street ($91,900)

Water Main Replacement 16th St from Logan Ave to College Avenue ($64,550)

Water Main Replacement along Noble Ave from 16th St to 12th Street (195,150)

Water Main Abandon (4″ and 6″ Mains) Replacement along Cleveland from 16th to 11th Street ($24,500)

Valve Installations ($51,750)

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