DA’s Office accuses Leforce of intimidating a witness

DA’s Office accuses Leforce of intimidating a witness

In a court document, District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas says Nathan Leforce intimidated a witness after she left the witness stand on Tuesday.


After testifying and being excused by the judge, a female witness was subjected to remarks from Nathan Leforce, who is the defendant facing first degree murder in the 2017 death of Logan County Sheriff David Wade.

According to the document, the witness was exiting the stand and courtroom when Leforce allegedly mouth to her “I’m sorry” in front of jurors.

The female testified on Tuesday that on April 18, 2017, Leforce pointed a gun inside her vehicle at Smitty’s gas station. Afterwards, video surveillance shows Leforce car jacking the vehicle after the victim had gotten out and ran away.

A district attorney staff member found the woman crying in the courthouse hallway.

“The behavior by the defendant is designed to intimidate the witnesses, victims and family of the murder victim in this case,” Thomas said in the motion.

Thomas explained that Leforce should not be allowed to communicate with witnesses and/or the family members of the victim.

“It is causing them undue distress,” Thomas added.

Thomas said the family of Wade has been asked not to show any emotions, but the “defendant clearly is under the impression court rules do not apply to him.”

The district attorney added that Leforce’s attorney team should refrain from consoling Leforce in the presence of the jury.

“Counsel should refrain from rubbing the defendant’s arm, consoling him, telling him it will be okay and various other behaviors designed to elicit sympathy from the jury for the defendant,” Thomas said.

Thomas is also accusing Leforce of staring at the family members of Wade and making them uncomfortable, angry and exposed.

The district attorney’s office is asking the judge to inform Leforce to leave the witnesses, victims and family members alone, along with the defense counsel team to be admonished to control Leforce and not to show any emotion and attempt to communicate with the witnesses, victims and family.

The matter was not addressed publicly inside the courtroom during testimony on Wednesday.

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