Pine St. bridge awaiting on FEMA for improvements

Pine St. bridge awaiting on FEMA for improvements

If it was in the hands of the City of Guthrie, the Pine St. bridge reconstruction would be moving a tad quicker. However, they must follow precise steps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The bridge on north Pine St, known as the North Pine Street Bridge, was damaged during the May rain storms. The head wall was damaged after the heavy storm water ran off from the housing addition Canyon Bluff Estates.

The roadway will soon see additional traffic with the school year rapidly approaching.

In July, FEMA approved Logan County for disaster assistance, including the Pine St. bridge. However, the City must wait on FEMA assistance before pursuing the project.

The City’s engineering firm is conducting a Hydrology Study of the entire storm-water runoff basin, which will determine the sizing of the crossing needed to handle the flow, according to City officials.

“Our intentions are to speed this process as fast as we can due to the safety and importance of this location.”

A meeting is scheduled with FEMA on August 27 to determine moving forward with all FEMA sites. At the meeting, they’re expected to discuss construction.

“The purpose of mitigation is to improve the site so damage does not continue to happen with future events,” the spokesperson said. “Hopefully other studies are not required such as archaeological studies or State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) studies. When dealing with State and Federal funds there are several steps we will have to follow.”

Future plans for the location will be comprised by the City’s engineering firm (Myers Engineering) and sent out to bid. Next, a construction firm will be selected, and then construction will begin.

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