City officials assure EMS services for non-payers for 6-12 months

In my last update I expressed my concern on losing ambulance services beyond the Guthrie school district boundaries. That we, in our area of the Coyle school district boundary lines and the non-paying citizens in the rest of our county, must address the issue of funding for ambulance services in the future. At our last […]

Commissioner Mike Pearson: Three bridges under construction

Drizzle storm damage continues to plague District 2 with lots of holes, slowing our graders down and delaying progress in getting roads smoothed up. Yesterday, further delay was caused by some driver tearing off a bridge rail on a bridge on Midwest south of Forrest Hill. Stabilizing Post from Charter Oak to Forrest Hill has […]

Aftermath of the fire

It is sad to see the devastation in people’s lives caused by the recent wildfire. While much loss is obvious, there are many things which will only be understood when people set about to put their lives back together. Knowing the spirit of the community, there is little doubt that everyone will rally together to […]

Logan County District 2 Update: District 2 News‏

During the winter months we have been performing preliminary work toward repaving Midwest Blvd. between Forrest Hills and Charter Oak as weather and other critical needs have allowed. We completed the process of clearing trees from right-of-way, reshaping ditches, hauling off excess dirt and are in the process of grinding up the old chip-seal surface.

Logan County District 2 Update: Project Funding‏

Each year the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) sends applications to government entities who may wish to apply for Rural Economic Actions Plan (REAP) grant funding. REAP is annually funded by the Oklahoma State Legislature and administered by ACOG. The applications contain a lengthy list of qualifying elements which are rated on a point […]

Logan County District 2 Update: Solid waste service‏

Last year District 2 participated in a solid waste program. It was so well received we once again applied for funding through the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma. ACCO administers Department of Environmental Quality funds for the program. We were notified in August that we were awarded $4,000 to conduct another solid waste cleanup.