Ask Dr. Anna: does your dog lick excessively?

Do you have a dog that licks everything or licks excessively?  This behavior is called excessive licking of surfaces or ELS.  Many dogs presented with excessive licking are diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive disorder and are treated with antidepressants. However, studies have shown that many dogs with these symptoms have a gastrointestinal disorder and not a […]

Crosstown Vet rebuilds and creates jobs

The Logan County Economic Development Council wants to  share good news about business growth and expansion in the region. They spotlight examples of their 26 active loan recipients expansion projects each month, including this one shared in their monthly newsletter. In March 2011 a level 5 tornado leveled facilities of Corey and Tasie Bertrand’s Crosstown […]

Ask Dr. Anna: hairballs worthy of veterinary attention

  Hairballs, are they just a normal nuisance or a sign that something is wrong?  Most cat owners believe that hair balls aren’t worthy of veterinary attention.  However, frequent elimination of hairballs can be an indication of an underlying chronic skin or gastrointestinal disease. 

Anna Coffin: Is your dog or cat constantly dizzy?

Can you imagine constantly being dizzy and not knowing which way is up? This commonly happens to older dogs and cats and is known as vestibular disease. The symptoms of vestibular syndrome are similar to the symptoms of a stroke. However, a stroke is caused by a vascular accident (blood clot) in the brain and […]

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