City announces free residential curbside storm debris pickup

The City of Guthrie will be providing free curbside storm debris pickup from the October ice storm to residential homes within the city limits starting on Monday, December 7.

The free curbside pickup is strictly limited to residential properties within the Guthrie city limits. The curbside pickup is not available to businesses/churches or apartment complexes.

City employees will not be going onto any private residences’ property to retrieve limbs or brush. Each property owner/tenant is responsible for the cleanup of their own property. That includes everything from the street curb (paving) in front of your property all the way back to the middle of the ally or the back of your property if there is no alley.

Tree debris must be cut into no more than six foot sections and be placed within five feet of the curb of the residence. Residents are asked to avoid piling debris on or near water meters, gas meters, phone pedestals, mailboxes, fire hydrants or irrigation systems.

Residents are requested to place limbs in a direction running parallel with the curb line.

All residences are requested to have their limbs and brush to the curb prior to the Monday, December 7 start date to avoid repetitive pickup efforts.

There will be two rounds of tree debris pick up. Crews will begin at the west city limits and work their way east.  Once they have completed the entire city, they will begin the second round moving from west to east. 

The curbside pickup is limited solely to tree limbs and brush only. Plastics of any kind, bagged brush/limbs, lumber, fencing, household trash or any other special waste items will not be picked up and residents should avoid mixing trash and limbs at the curb.


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