Poll finds strong support for performance audits initiative‏

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A recently conducted poll shows strong support for an impending legislative initiative.

State Auditor Gary Jones has requested the Legislature to allow the people of Oklahoma to vote on empowering the State Auditor with the ability to conduct performance audits of state agencies. Jones’ proposal will be introduced in the House of Representatives later this month.

The Auditor currently does not have the authority to conduct these audits without a request from the Governor, Legislature, or the director of the agency needing the audit.

The poll, conducted by SoonerPoll.com, found that just under 75 percent of likely Oklahoma voters are prepared to support the proposal, while less than 17 percent are opposed.

“Most Oklahomans want their state government to continue to look for ways to provide greater transparency,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll.com. “I think most Oklahomans realize there is something inherently wrong with a system that allows agencies to decide whether or not they want to be audited.”

The chairman of the House Government Modernization Committee, state Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, said that audits will lead to the creation of future money saving modernization initiatives.

“It is vital for the State Auditor to have the tools to thoroughly expose the inefficient and antiquated processes that are conducive to wasting taxpayer funds and corruption,” Murphey said. “Current policy subjects the ability of the Auditor to conduct performance audits to the whims of state politicians or the very bureaucrats who are being audited. This proposal will allow the Auditor to make the decision to audit based on need, not on political influence, funding or bureaucratic resistance.”

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