Work Begins on Midwest Blvd.‏

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On Monday, Sept. 26, District 2 began preparations to pave Midwest from Waterloo to Charter Oak. The first step of the operation is to clear trees from the right-of-way and re-establish  rainage. This process may take several weeks to complete and will require heavy equipment on the roadway.

We will try to schedule our work between peak commuting hours, but there may be times when we will still be working as school buses return children to their homes. We encourage everyone to be aware of this and of the need to exercise extra caution in work zones. The project began at Charter Oak and Midwest and will move south to Waterloo.
After right-of-way has been cleared and drainage re-established, the old chip and seal surface will be ground up and removed. The next step will be to haul in material to build up the road base in order to prepare it for paving. The total operation may take as long as several months to complete. However, we have already prepared bids for asphalt and hope that the project can be completed before cold weather.
We have secured funding to pave these two miles and our next goal will be to find funding to pave Midwest from Charter Oak to Forrest Hills (No Name), and Forrest Hills from Midwest to Pine.
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