Hit The Bricks is hosted with the duo of Justin Fortney and Chris Evans. Justin is the World’s Best Tourism Director of the Most Awesome Town on the Planet, while Chris brings the fun.

The show, which talks about “Everything interesting about Guthrie, Oklahoma” is produced by the City of Guthrie in partnership with Guthrie News Page.

All of the shows are also available on podcast and can be found wherever you find your favorite podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Anchor to name a few.

Week 11 — If you enjoy Oklahoma history and good music, this episode is right up your alley. Thanks again to Nathan Turner from the Oklahoma Territorial Museum for sharing great stories and to Tanner Fields for sharing a fantastic song!
Week 10 — Chris and Justin stopped by G Gallery & Glass Studio this week to chat with Glenda Radigonda about her shop and the glass blowing classes she offers. They also recap the incredible concert at the Masonic Temple that featured Vince Gill, Turnpike Troubadours, Larry Gatlin, and the Byron Berline Band. Plus we have a brilliant song from Keathley recorded live Red Brick Nights. Thanks to Glenda, and thanks to Keathley for taking the time share a song with us.
Week 9 — Megan stopped by to talk with Chris and Heady about the 1,000s of Jeep enthusiasts who’ll be in Guthrie this weekend, and Clark let us know about how the Guthrie Police Department will be at world famous Missy’s Bakery this Saturday morning raising $ for Special Olympics.
Week 8 — Heady Coleman stops by Hit The Bricks world headquarters to talk with Chris and Justin about Red Brick Nights, all the art classes available in downtown Guthrie, motorcycle rallies, pancakes & airplane rides, JeepFest, Guthrie Duathlon, and everything else that’s crammed into the weekend of May 4. Holy smokes it’s a busy weekend. 
Week 7 — Trey and Julie Ayers from the Dominion House talk about their hotel, restaurant, & event center (and their bocce ball court), plus singer/songwriter Joel Mosman catches us up on all his goings on (and he sings a song). 
Week 6 — Tracy, Carissa, and Kailyn tell you everything you need to know about Guthrie’s annual 89er Celebration. This was also our first episode to record somewhere other than the Hit The Bricks HQ. Thanks to Kailyn at The Boarding House for hosting!
Week 5 — LindseyJustin, & Chris chat about the Strong Town competition, the recent school bond election, the Guthrie YMCA, odd Oklahoma school mascots, and the interesting characters you meet on trains. 
Week 4 — Trey and Mallory Woods own Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie. Trey stopped by and chatted with us about Guthrie Bike Night and the Tiny Town Concert Series. We also got a sneak peak at the newest Tiny Town song featuring Levi Parham.
Week 3 — Chris and Justin break down the Strong Town Contest matchup between Guthrie and Westwood, Kansas, plus Justin talks with Timothy and Stef from the Pollard Theatre about their upcoming production of Beehive: The 60’s Musical.  .
Week 2 — Chris waxes poetic about the dream of having a beautiful sports complex in Guthrie, then listen to a special performance by Irish music trio Open The Door for Three.
Week 1 — Michael Williams, curator at Oklahoma Territorial Museum, stops by and shares some of Guthrie’s most intriguing history with Chris and Justin.