*55 retiring, OHP becomes secondary 911 call center

For almost three decades, *55 has been the number to call for assistance while on Oklahoma’s highways. That number is now retiring, as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol becomes a second PSAP (public safety answering point.)

The *55 number was implemented in 1992 as a new cellular service that would automatically route the call to the nearest highway patrol field headquarters for assistance. Through updated technology, OHP can now receive transferred 911 calls that will include all the caller’s information, including their contact number and location.

This upgrade will result in enhanced service and quicker response times for motorist assistance or crashes on state highways.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has removed all signs along the highways that displayed the *55 number. Motorists are now able to simply call 911, no matter their location in the state, and the call will be promptly routed to the appropriate OHP Communications Center.


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