After noise complaints, Guthrie prohibits use of jake brakes

Guthrie’s Noble Ave. should be a bit quieter in the future after the City Council voted to ban engine braking on Tuesday night.

Engine braking, also know as “Jake braking” after the developer of the Jacobs Brake, is common practice for semis and diesel trucks. It uses the engine to slow down the truck instead of just relying on the brakes.

City Planner Dan Kassick informed the council that citizens have raised concern about noise issues along Noble Ave. regarding the use of engine compression brakes commonly known as jake brakes. The noise and frequency have become disruptive to the residents in the area.

The Council voted 4-2 in favor of the ordinance.

The ordinance prohibits the use of engine and compression brakes along Noble Ave. between the west corporate city limits to Pine St. Emergency vehicles are exempted from the ordinance.

Council member Don Channel, who voted against the measure, shared his displeasure on the topic.

“The first thing I think when I roll into a town and there’s no jake brakes, I think you people have no life if that’s all your worried about is a jake brake,” Channel said.

However, Councilman Tracy Williams, who drives a truck himself, says truckers do not need a jake brake at 35 mph.

“I don’t like the sound of it. I think its non-sense,” Williams said who lives near Noble Ave.

Channel asked Williams, “do you think a sign there is going to stop” them from doing it?

Williams replied, “it at least gives the law enforcement the right to enforce it if they want.”

Council member James Long cast the other no vote, while Williams, Jeff Taylor, Steve Gentling and Jim Case voted yes. Councilman Brian Bothroyd was absent from the meeting.


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